Arighty then...

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Arighty then...

Post  Magnus von Thornwood on Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:48 am

Good Lord!

I am MIA for two months and I come back and tsk, tsk, nothing new, *shakes head* now don't make me get my whip out now. :p

Anyway, ya'll are the first to hear the good news, I am back on line for real now! Got my own DSL connect and am ready to rock, and well CotI about blew up my new mail app, got Thunderbird to go along with the Fox.

Am now learning the feel of the new keyboard, got an old G3 blue and white (actually a G4) and that's the new online machine, still have to get my baby the iBook resurrected...

Anyway, hoping we can now get some more done on this. Well back to the 350+ messages from CotI and to let the Imperium know that Mister Annoying is back!

be checking back soon, love and kisses, mags.
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