I'm Back, what is first?

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I'm Back, what is first?

Post  Baron Saarthuran on Wed Oct 01, 2008 12:25 pm

Yeow! I am back! Holy crap!

The new baby is awesome. I am having a lot of fun! I hope that Magnus got to fill you in that I was out of contact due to that whole business.

I am back and ready to jam. Beech, please assign me work. I recently got hold of a bunch of new source material, in the form of the CT CD-Rom, and all the JTAS issues on CD-Rom. I have been busy reading the alien books on a huge digital projector screen and drooling along with the baby. Marc Miller is a frickin genius, quite possibly has multiple brains or something. Shocked

I have most of the books, but the cds sort of fill in some background blanks. There is a lot in the adventures and some of the magazines that I missed.

Anyhoo, how have you fellers been?
Baron Saarthuran

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Re: I'm Back, what is first?

Post  Beech on Sun Oct 05, 2008 5:20 pm

Welcome back, and congratulations my friend, and I hope you are not getting too many sleepless nights. Very Happy
I'll formulate a plan of action in the next day or so and we'll get this back on the road. I have let this project slide recently (too many others on the go) but its not too late to get it going again.
Plan of Action coming up! Very Happy


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