An Ending...

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An Ending...

Post  Magnus von Thornwood on Thu Jul 10, 2008 11:07 am

I have been thinking on this for a minute and I have this vague script in my head so I thought I'd post it and see if it's Lead or not? *proceeds to float ballon*


Title: The Final Showdown!

NARRATION: When we last left our heroes they had found the Crown and sudden the Differences between Imperials and Zhodane came did a Body Pistol....

SCENE: Our heros and their antagonists are facing of in the place with the Crown...The Zho Noble Thought Cops (apologies, but I can't be bothered at this time to find and commit to memory the name of "The GOOM Squad" or how the Warrior thinks of them, "not a lack of repect, quite the opposite,...but they can't be 'Us' if I have to kill them....") are squaring off. The Owner has produced her Issue BP (will send you copies of "Elizabeth II, Mark Seven" Very Happy).

The Zho seems unconcerned....but his troops are in the clamshell....but weapons are are at low ready or more like real subtle ready....the Zho are big on subtle...

THE OWNER:....In Name of His Imperial Majesty and His Duke Norris, I Claim this Ancient Artifact for the Safety of the Imperium....*looks shocked at the Zho Noble's reactions...after all she thinks the are cold and humorless...and scary alike...ummm.....she's kind of a closet xenophobe and might even possess latent or even worse minor Psionic Talents....*

ZHO NOBLE: Your weakness shows again think that after Centuries on the Galactic Stage that the Consulate has learned nothing of Imperial duplicity...*laughs, deeply and heartily* Oh, that is a fine jest indeed, look around....*waves hand around as Zhodane Consulate Guard Teleporters in Clamshell BD start to pop in* While we dislike deception, but I am on the Frontier and have adapted to the Local ways...*looks a bit crestfallen...after all true self criticism is the Proper Way to Guard Ourselves...* I have gone Native...I lied and I planned for trickery, with more trickery....Intendant Zhrdevnov Report!

INTENDANT ZHRDEVNOV: Sir, the Sensor Officer reports several ships have precipitated out of Jumpspace and the flares indicate two Cruisers, possible Kunirir or Azhati High Lightning Class with Escorts and you Predicted sir...

ZHO NOBLE: No, not I, but we too have secrets to keep...

<<Meanwhile the Doctor has been doing the Ninja Fly toward the Crown...slowly, slowly catchee monkey>>

THE CAPTAIN: Ummm....when was this part of the deal, lady?

THE WARRIOR: And actually I really don't want to shoot THE ZHO NOBLE, kinda like the guy...and old hair face ain't so bad either....just don't use the fresher after him *grins at the Zhos*

THE OWNER: Both of you, SHUT UP! Look, we can't let them have's Treason...

THE CAPTAIN AND THE WARRIOR: *look around at the, now, pointed at them weapons of the Zho Unit, then to each other*

THE CAPTAIN: Really, at this point, unless the Marines can do the teleport trick right now then, I am going to least the Crown, we have lives lady...

THE OWNER: *tries to figure out who to shoot first, and running up against the wall, she's about to crack or snap* You....mongrel...traitorous scum....

THE OWNER: *turns toward the Crown where she see this before any one else*

THE DOCTOR: *placing the Crown on his head, a smile both radiant and almost angelic* STOP YOUR BICKERING FOOLS!


THE DOCTOR: Now, I will take THE CAPTAIN and HIS SHIP and take this back to it's rightful...home. I am coming Grandfather...

THE CAPTAIN: But your eyes and ....*stunned*

THE CROWN: *once a thin band of silvery metal is now a 15mm wide tracery of circuts/viens*

THE DOCTOR; *removes contacts and reveals cybernetic eyes* That is why I replaced mine with SLEEP.

<<at this point it fades out>>

EPILOGUE: The Starship were found on low power having precipitated out of Jumpspace, the Crew were in Emergency Low Berths and have no further memories of the Incident and the ship's Navigation Computer was pending.....


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